Was BJP worker caught in Karnataka with 120 crores?

On April 22nd, the Facebook page I.T Cell MPCC which is a fan page of the Congress party has posted the set of photographs. This post was viral at the time and was shared thousands of time.

Same set of images was posted by the BJP supporters also with message – Rahul Gandhi’s leader caught in Karnataka right now with 20 crores rupees. Was going to handover to J.D.S. yesterday party was made and today corruption starts.”

Both BJP and Congress supporters accusing each other with the same set of photographs. The allegation of 120 crore cash recovered from BJP worker has now become 20 crores recovered from Congress Leader. It is not surprising that neither of the two viral posts are true.

The photographs of currency notes were actually taken when Income Tax officials had conducted a raid on an NSE broker in Delhi in November 2017.