The viral video of Rahul Gandhi has a relevant sentence clipped.

A Video is viral which has two others within, on left it shows what Rahul Gandhi said before elections. He said, if they win elections they will waive off the farmers’ loan within 10 days. In right video he says “Waiving loan is not solution, it would be complex”

Ex-President BJP, Mr. Satish Upadhyaya tweeted:


The Video on right is trimmed/clipped with a sentence removed.

Following is the complete video of his press conference after winning the election

You can listen from 21:20

Translation “See, I’ve said in my speech that Loan waiver is a supporting step, loan waiver is not a solution, solution will be very complex”

So the first sentence “Loan Waiver is a supporting step” has been trimmed, cut from the viral video.

It means that Loan Waiver is just a supporting step, it will help temporarily, but it’s not a complete solution”

Now, the 10 day as he said in his Speeches can just be another False promise as Politicians make from stage for votes but that is yet to be seen while people trimming first sentence falsely claimed he took U turn on the very first day