Remove Whatsapp profile picture

MPORTANT NOTICE_* Hi Friends Jis kisiki bhi whatsapp pe profile pic khud ki ho to jald-se-jald badal do. Kyuki whatsapp pe ISIS apne Aatanki gatividhiyon ke liye or kuch aise hackers aaye hai jnke paas aapka whatsapp no hai. Wo log us profile photo ka galat use kar rahe hai. Whatsapp ke CEO ne request ki hai ki agle 20-25 din tk khud ki profile photo na rkhe. Whatsapp ke engineers aapko safe ke liye aapke saath co-operate karenge. Is msg ko aage forward karo, khas krke ladkiyon ke liye. _____________ Thank You. _____________ A.K. Mittal(IPS) 9849436632 *_Commissioner Delhi._* . Pls forward to all your frnds ones too.. 

According to daily newspaper Indian Express – the number is listed as belonging to an Arshad Ali, and has been reported as spam on Truecaller.

This is only a hoax nothing else. Mostly people think if message is false then why somebody will share his or her mobile number. When it comes to security or awareness people spread the message without checking facts.  Mostly all these type of message are hoax and do not spread these message like fools. If you got this message informed your sender to not spread it.

Coming to the above post. Jan Koum who is the co-founder and CEO of Whatsapp has given no such statements . There is a blog for his site where he will update any such information.

Here is his twitter handle .
He says nothing about such stuff.

Your profile picture on whatsapp is as safe as it was two years ago.

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