Modi misspell STRENGTH?

Did PM Modi misspell the word ‘strength’ while attempting to coin a new acronym during his visit to China?

Video footage of Modi spelling ‘STRENGTH’ as ‘STREANH’ while addressing delegation level talks on April 27, 2018 during his recent visit to Wuhan in China, has gone viral on social media.

Ministry of External Affairs published the text of the speech which also was published be many media houses which disagrees with the video of the event.

Truth –


MEA and media houses wrote –

“And when I talk about the world’s STRENGTH, we have a built-in People to People contact. And when I talk about STRENGTH, for me,
‘S” stands for Spirituality,
‘T’ stands for Tradition, Trade and Technology,
‘R’ for Relationship ,
‘E’ for Entertainment like Movies, Dance, Music and Art,
‘N’ stands for Nature ,
‘G’ for Games ,
‘T’ for Tourism and
‘H’ for Health and Healing and we can make all our plans with these alphabets.”

PM actually made a gaffe and misspell it as STREANH but the translator corrected it after him.

In his speech, PM actually said –

S – Spirituality
T – Tradition, Trade and Technology
R – Relationship
E – Entertainment
A – Art
N- Nature
H – Health Sector