Don’t panic, It’s just a message

A shocking ‘warning is viral on WhatsApp that a you may receive a message which will ask you to unlock a card to wish you ‘Happy Independence Day” by keeping your thumb where it asks and it will steal your thumbprint and can use to harm you.

It lures you to see a surprise gift after you scan your finger by keeping on the fingerprint image in above screenshot.

When you touch it (with any finger, any angle) it shows a bar crossing from top to bottom as if it’s really scanning your fingerprint and leads you to another page wishing you Happy Independence Day with patriotic song playing in background.

So the Viral message warns you about this so called ‘Scan’.

The it opens up another page

This is just a website to get users traffic by using Festivals. You can use any your finger not just thumb to open the page. Even you can touch any corner of image to access page. This websites have used simple .gif image and JavaScript to show scanning.

Analyzing further, the mobile display cannot scan the fingerprint at all.
In few new mobile models your fingerprint scanner is on the display but it’s not because of software or OS, it’s an additional hardware. It’s a clear sensor of approx 4X5 cms placed at a particular place which also stops sensing once the mobile screen is unlocked.
The new mobiles which this feature is less in numbers and is costly too.
The clear sensor placed under the screen is made by Synaptics – the leading developer of human interface solutions

“Designed to enable smartphones with infinity displays, Synaptics’ Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensors are placed in a natural location directly in the OLED touchscreen, eliminating the need for buttons and bezels. A fingerprint icon in the display guides the user and disappears upon authentication. Clear ID is faster than alternative biometrics such as 3D facial, and very convenient with one-touch biometric authentication. Clear ID is also available with Synaptics SentryPoint™ technology, offering OEMs a wide-range of unique and highly secure authentication software features including Quantum Matcher™ for adaptive fingerprint template matching and authentication.

“It’s been terrific working with Vivo to bring cutting-edge leadership and differentiation to market with Clear ID. The fast-paced industry-shift towards bezel-free OLED infinity displays has driven fingerprint authentication into the touchscreen display area of smartphones and Synaptics proud to be mass-production-ready to take on volume demand,” said Kevin Barber, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Division, Synaptics.”