Buy Samsung J7 mobile @499 Rs.

This is the exact message getting viral on social media and Whatsapp Groups. People wants a phone having good features by spending less. That’s why they are sharing this type of message. Before going in details, just clarifying that this message is 100% FAKE.  Now see the below points:

  • Amazon always sell products on their own website, which is (For India). But the saying website is
  • They have used sub-domain amazon with their website
  • Amazon was launched in 1994 in USA and in 2013 in India. So it cannot be a golden Anniversary offer. Golden Anniversary means 50 Years.
  • If Amazon have to give any offer, they will do it directly on their won website with some competition, games or lucky draw.
  • Above the “Buy Now” button, it shows – “If you order in next 1 hour and 34 minutes, you get guaranteed delivery by….”. Well this 1 hour and 34 minutes remains the same always unlike amazon where the clock keeps ticking. These guys can stop time also.
  • After you share with 8 friends/groups, you will be asked to download a suspicious app which can harm your phone.
  • English Grammar – There are more grammatical mistakes than the amount of English in their sentences. Some like – “Visit just now”, “For book Samsung Galaxy J7″, “Download our Official App for buy now” and many more……… A top notch company like Amazon can never make so many mistakes.

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