False Claim: Girija Tripathi, accused in Deoria shelter home case is BJP MP Kalraj Mishra’s sister

A photoshopped screengrab of ABP News has been circulating on social media which claims that Girija Tripathi, an accused in the Deoria shelter home case is the sister of BJP MP Kalraj Mishra.

A Facebook user, Naween Kumar Sah has shared a screengrab of the news channel with a caption “अरे सुनो देवरिया वाली लड़की सप्लायर गिरिजा त्रिपाठी तो भाजपा सांसद कलराज मिश्रा की बहन है” (Hey listen, Deoria’s girl supplier, Girija Tripathi is sister of BJP MP Kalraj Mishra – translated).



Times Now also referred to this claim on the basis of a sting operation that the channel had carried out as part of its reportage on the incident. In the sting operation, SK Yadav, chairman of Child Welfare claimed that he was informed, “Girija Tripathi is the sister of Kalraj Mishra”. Although, later the claim was rubbished by Anila Singh, BJP Spokesperson who unequivocally denied of Kalraj Mishra having any relation with Girija Tripathi.


Not related

According to a report published by The Lallantop, Kalraj Mishra has clarified, “I had three brothers and two sisters. All the siblings are now dead. One sister was married in Mirzapur and the other in Azamgarh. Both died almost 20 years ago. I have no relation with Girija Tripathi. I have no kinship with Girija Tripathi. My opponents are spreading such rumors. The police are taking action against the incident in my parliamentary constituency (translated)”.

Meanwhile, a police complaint has also been registered for spreading rumours against the legislator and a tweet regarding the same has attached a screenshot of a tweet by Ankit Lal who is associated with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The tweet had the same screengrab of ABP News.

Moreover, ABP News has categorically called out the photoshopped screengrab of the channel in a Viral Sach episode.