Facebook Drug Task Force

According to National Report, a satirical news site:

“Beginning October 1st, Facebook will be implementing a drug task force designed to arrest those who buy and sell narcotics while using the online social networking site. Facebook is calling the group the Facebook Drug Task Force, or FDTF, and will be monitoring all postings and messages created by its users.

Chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, spoke with CNN about the FDTF. “The task force was created to keep users of Facebook safe,” Zucckerberg said. “The FDTF will be working directly with the Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement agencies. We’re gonna put away the bad guys.”

The article has received 150,000 shares to date. An infamous example is the totally fake “Facebook Drug Taskforce”, which supposedly had been set up to monitor communication on Facebook and arrest anyone using the service to buy or sell drugs. Of course, social media don’t yet come with the authority to raid your home, scoop you up, and whisk you away to Facebook headquarters for questioning.

The hoax came after Facebook announced plans to add ‘satire’ tags whenever fake news is shared – possibly because some users are far too trusting of the headlines they read online.